Picturall Mark2 Octo  

Picturall Mark2 Octo media server brings you the easiest, the most powerful and the most cost effective solution for your multiscreen video installations.

The Octo is a true workhorse in Picturall-powered installations all over the world. Picturall Mark2 Octo has up to 16 4K outputs, a robust, powerful video engine with playback performance of 16 layers of Full HD video and capability for 8K playback. As all Picturall products, the Octo runs on rock-solid Linux platform and has ample input and control options. In Mark2 media servers you can choose the number of GPUs you want in your server. This ensures you get more performance, more modularity, more scalability with the new Mark2 Picturall media servers. 

Picturall Mark2 Octo Featuresocto12 front-mark2-small

  • Up to 16 outputs (DisplayPort, HDMI/Dual-DVI) with independent positioning, edge blending, keystone and curved surface correction.
  • Optional number of GPUs (1-4)
  • 4K, 8K and uncompressed playback (4K@30fps / optional 4K@60fps)
  • A robust, powerful video engine with playback performance of more than 16 layers of Full-HD video.
  • PRKL, a custom codec and a built-in encoder for very high resolutions. 
  • 48 media layers with position, scaling, rotation, color correction, effects and alpha channel.
  • A cutting-edge effect generator with all the effects you need, and more.
  • Runs on rock-solid Linux operating system.
  • HD-SDI, DVI-I and composite low latency input options.
  • Controllable with Picturall's own Picturall Commander, extenally developed softwares such as 42 CONTROLS®, DMX (using an ArtNet-to-DMX converter), Art-Net and TCP/IP

Picturall Commander User Interface

Picturall Commander is a remote user interface for Picturall media servers, developed at Picturall. 

  • Remote control software for Picturall media servers with a light, highly efficient, user interface
  • Free of charge with Picturall media servers
  • Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Super easy to install, use and remove
  • Provides an abundant range of display and layer controls that enable display grouping, mirroring, warping, color correction, and use of dozens and dozens of draw modes and effects
  • Includes a cue system for programming and timing your show  

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