Picturall version 2.1.0

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Picturall's new, eagerly-expected 2.1.0 version is out now. Its highlights include new visual layer control with media thumbnails. 

Picturall Commander now shows thumbnail images for video and picture media files. Thumbnails make it easier to keep track of which media file you're playing and you can see them as soon as you've added your files to a media collection. You can view them on the Layers tab in the layer list in the layer graph and on the Media tab in the media collection.

When changing settings for a layer, you can now see the changes directly in the layer graph. This essentially makes it easier to see what you're doing. There are also new handles on the layer graph that you can use to rotate and scale the layer directly in the graph. We've also added similar handles on the Display tab so it's easier to adjust your display settings in the display graph. 

For a closer look at the new version and Picturall's products, visit Picturall and Videlco at ISE 2015 February 10th-12th in Hall 9, Booth C111. For an invitation and free entry, download our
pdfISE invitation(175.59 KB). 


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