Picturall Octo Mark 3

Picturall Octo Mark 3 media server brings you the easiest, the most powerful and the most cost effective solution for your multiscreen video installations.

The Octo is a true workhorse in Picturall-powered installations all over the world. Picturall Octo Mark 2 has up to 16 4K outputs, a robust, powerful video engine with playback performance of 16 layers of Full HD video and capability for 8K playback. As all Picturall products, the Octo runs on rock-solid Linux platform and has ample input and control options. In Mark 3 media servers you can choose the number of GPUs you want in your server. This ensures you get more performance, more modularity, more scalability with the new Mark 3 Picturall media servers. 

Picturall Octo Mark 3 Featuresocto12 front-mark2-small

  • Number of GPUs 1, optional number of GPUs 2-4 (4 x DisplayPort 1.2 each GPU)
  • Up to 16 outputs (DisplayPort 1.2) with independent positioning, edge blending, keystone and curved surface correction
  • Output number is expandable with using Matrox Triplehead2go or Datapath FX4/fx4
  • A robust, powerful video engine with playback performance of more than 16 layers of Full-HD video
  • 4K uncompressed playback (4K@30fps). Options for uncompressed 4K@60fps/8K@30fps
  • Optional: up to three capture cards (SDI/DP/HDMI, up to 4K)
  • Equal software features compared to all Picturall Media Servers

Picturall Octo Mark 3 Datasheet

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