Picturall Broadcast Mark 2

Picturall Broadcast Mark 2 is a purposefully designed media server for the broadcast industry. Picturall Broadcast Mark 2 is similar to Octo, but with a few superpowers:16 DisplayPort 1.2 outputs, Framelock+Genlock option and 4K@30fps / optional 4K@60fps 10bit uncompressed playback. 

Picturall Broadcast is at its best at installations where highest precision synchronization is needed between displays as well as between displays and cameras to avoid flickering in a broadcast situation. This is largely due to two features: framelock and genlock. Framelocking is the using hardware to synchronize the frames on each display connected to the server. When graphics and video are displayed across multiple monitors, frame-locking helps to maintain image continuity. Genlocking enables the process of synchronizing the pixel scanning of one or more displays to an external synchronization source. 

Picturall Broadcast Mark 2 Features bc-small

  • Number of GPUs 1, optional number of GPUs 2-4 (4 x DP each GPU)
  • Up to 16 DisplayPort outputs with independent positioning, edge blending, keystone and curved surface correction.
  • Output number is expandable with using Matrox Triplehead2go or Datapath fx4
  • Optional: up to three capture cards (SDI/DP/HDMI, up to 4K)
  • 4K uncompressed playback (4K@30fps, 10 bit). Options for uncompressed 4K@60fps/8K@30fps, 10 bit
  • Compressed playback up to 8K resolutions and beyond
  • Equal software features compared to all Picturall Media Servers
  • Framelock & Genlock

Picturall Broadcast Mark 2 Datasheet

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